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The American Power Boat Association's National Meeting is APBA's largest gathering of members from across the country. Members meet to discuss rule changes, improvements, failures, and successes from the previous season to ensure the growth and longevity of boat racing in the United States. 

Join us for a week full of meetings, seminars, banquets, and more!


The American Power Boat Association is the national authority for power boat racing in the United States, as authorized by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). When a race is associated with the APBA, racers have the opportunity to compete in National, North American, or World Championships, as well as set and break speed and time records. Formed in 1903, the APBA is the world’s oldest motorsports organization. This Association is a proud group of multi-generation racers that have a need for speed and a desire to share their passion for the sport everywhere they go.

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